About Benny Zhang Studio.



Benny Zhang is an award-winning photographer with nearly two decades of professional experience. His landscape “Fishing at Sunset” won the Silver Award in a national photography competition in China; his photographs were selected by the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for the China portion of its 151st exhibition; four of his works were given awards in the International NTDTV Photography Competition. Zhang is a master of a variety of photographic formats, including landscape, portrait, food, product, and general editorial. He is currently a freelance photographer for Elite Magazine in New York City.

張炳乾(Benny Zhang)先生在19年的摄影生涯中,作品多次获得国家及国际奖项。作品《渔歌唱晚》在全国擘天柱摄影大赛中获银奖,作品《网事》2008年英国皇家摄影学会(世界上最早的摄影组织)151届摄影展中国区入选,2012年新唐人全球摄影大赛4张相片入选。